The Story
Since I have my Apple Cube with a Apple Cinema Display on my desk there is no position for my good old halogen light at which everywhere is light. So I needed something else. A ceiling light with LEDs is the solution. But wait... such lights are really exensive. Okay, I have to build my own.

The LEDs
The basis is a MDF (medium density fiberboard) board on which eleven rows of LED stripes are glued. Each stripe is 66cm long and consists of 28 sunny white 3-Chip SMD LEDs. The complete board contains 308 LEDs with a luminous flux of about 4,400 lm which is powered with a 24V 60W power supply. The light intensity can be controlled by a remote dimmer.

The Frame
The frame is an IKEA ERIKSLUND photo frame with the dimension 72x32cm. The front glas is replaced by a miky plexiglas (WH02) which is 44% translucent and makes the light indirect and glare-free.